Tamilnadu Telugu Brahmana Saba trust was established to help needy and poor in Telugu Brahmin Community people.

Tamilnadu Telugu Brahmana Sabha trust was established to help needy and poor in Telugu Brahmin Community people. Due to time factors, working environments, career opportunities, life style issues, and unhealthy nature of our Telugu Brahmin community, we have been separated from our relatives and our communities. To make a get together ever through online and offline, and to preserve the tradition and culture of Telugu Brahmin community, we started this organization. This is a state level organization. When the members and community growth develops, we have a vision to establish National level and International level community organizations in future to do good to the Telugu Brahmin society.

Poverty is born with Telugu Brahmins. Only some countable are in high level and in good economic status. Though several leaders of Telugu Brahmin Community were and being the pillar of Indian National economic growth, it's unfortunate that, nearly 95% of Telugu Brahmin people are below the poverty level. There is no cooperative human support or an authoritative economical level supports to assist for the growth of Telugu Brahmin community both in state level and national level. So with a good motivation we established this organization, to help those who are below poverty line in Telugu Brahmin community, to encourage high level of education, to provide best career opportunities, to arrange perfect match for Telugu Brahmin brides and grooms, and to support the Brahmin people in several other good aspects.

In India, there are several other Telugu Brahmin associations and groups are there which is in a scattered style. We hope that they will come and join with us. It's a fact that, when we are separated our creativity cannot improve. So who ever the Telugu Brahmin associations, Telugu Brahmana Sabha, and other social welfare organization related to Telugu Brahmin community shall join with us to serve the Telugu Brahmin community, without any hesitation or false prestige, which may lead them to spell their ambition, vision and mission to share with us which may help to can serve for the welfare of Telugu Brahmin community. The Scattered Telugu Brahmin organization, shall also contact us through email, phone or through the contact page. We invite every one. We are ready ever to serve to the Telugu Brahmin society. In our vision "Every body is Equal" towards humanitarian aspects. We never neglect anyone, who seeks help from us. The size of the Telugu Brahmin community is like an ocean, we are small boats, and we believe we will buy a supportive ship to serve the Telugu Brahmin Community. In general, there is a physics that is, stand in your own legs to serve others to grow. This is our basic moto.